Welcome to culturalclinicalconsultants.ca. This website describes the group and individual practices of a talented collection of clincal consultants who are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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What is a Cultural Clinical Consultant you may ask? If you Google the term you may find very few citations for this exact phrase, however those you find are interesting. When we first did this
in early 2010 the references almost always were contained in American Health Management Organization (HMO) documents in which organizations seeking contracts would be required to show that they employed or had access to "Cultural Clinical Consultants". Such a consultant would ensure that the services they provided were culturally competent to meet the needs of a diverse client/patient population. The term is being used more widely now, but remains similar in it s definition.

We use the term here in much the same way. We are a group of mental health clinicians who through education, training and substantial professional and personal experience have established an expertise in addressing the needs of our increasingly diverse population. 


With particular interest in and expertise working with people of African descent, we have provided a range of Cultural Clinical services, including:

Direct clinical treatment and assessment services to individuals, groups and families

Programme development; assessment and consultation

Teaching and lecturing undergraduate and graduate law, education, social work and other human service programmes 

Presentations at conferences and other pre-service and inservice continuing education

Consulting with other clinicians with respect to racial and cultural issues 

In addition to the expertise that we carry with respect to Cultural Clinical Consultation we are also a group of practitioners who have expertise in a wide range of other aspects of practice including:

Social work education; Law; social construction of parenting; addictions; trauma; child welfare;  and many others.

For more information about our separate work see our individual pages on this site, or contact Robert Wright, the administrator of this site via email:  wrightrs@ns.sympatico.ca

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